Melia says, "It is so fun and interactive,

I love seeing all of my 

old friends and now cousins too!"

MOGUATE is the one vacation we take each year where the girls are packed days in advance and eager to ride

9 hours in the car...the one MUST vacation destination that makes our annual list - they even told me that

they would give up a trip to Guatemala to visit their birth families if it meant they would have to miss the

time with their MOGUATE family!!!

I wish I had heard about MOGUATE 9 years ago when I brought my three babies home from Guatemala because our families would have been that much closer to all the wonderful MOGUATE families. We are so blessed to have stumbled upon MOGUATE and look forward to the future reunions to build on friendships we have made. We did not know what to expect when we first arrived but let me tell you....It was like you already knew each person you met. There were no strangers. Everyone welcomed everyone. Hearing stories that sounded so familiar to your own. I only wish we had our reunions 2 x's per year.

Our family looks forward to this event every year and mark our calendars BEFORE we leave for the following year. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I pray that this is something will continue for years to come. Thanks Cindy for creating a venue for families to connect and share. 

 Skylar says, "I love that I get to be with all the other MOGUATE kids that are JUST LIKE ME!!!!"

Here's what some of our MOGUATE Alumni Families 

are saying...

Bella has declared MOGUATE her all time FAVORITE vacation!

I make it a priority each year because I feel it's very important to have these connections and friendships. I have really seen her grow and develop relationships with new friends and 'cousins' which isn't the easiest thing for her to do. I love that she is surrounded by great families that all look like her and share so many similar circumstances whether they be good or tough situations. The Wise Up workshops and Spanish lessons have been so much fun and very beneficial!​


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