*MOGUATE Shirts (from any &/or EVERY year)
*Small pool toys (balls to throw around, etc) NO inflatable rafts though
*Sunglasses, sunscreen, & flip flops
*Casual, cool clothing (T-shirts and shorts are the norm)
*Socks & Tennis shoes (if you want to bowl or go horseback riding)
*Camera, extra batteries, extra memory cards
*Lanyard for your Room Key Card (TIP: draw a pic, but not your room number - on your key card so you recognize it as yours)
*Pool bag to carry items to/from pool
*Money and/or checkbook for Raffle, Silent Auction on Saturday night
*Snacks, cereal/milk for easy family breakfasts (There are dorm sized fridges in the rooms)

*Utensils for if you chose to eat in your room

*Quarters to feed the monstrous fish at the dock

If you are taking the Art Class, you will need to bring an 11x14 canvas and wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on in case you get messy! (or bring a smock)

LEAVE BEHIND: the need for a detailed itinerary and tight schedule, dressy clothes, high heels, fancy jewelry, and the like. We are VERY casual at MOGUATE because the weekend is all about spending time together and RELAXING!



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